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TranAX 3 Data Acquisition SoftwareTranAX 3 is the universal data acquisition software from Elsys designed for the TPCX/TPCE data acquisition cards and the turnkey TraNET data acquisition instruments. TranAX 3 is a client-server application and remotely controls the data acquisition instrument over the local area networks. Many data acquisition channels can be easily and rapidly configured and prepared for various measurement tasks. Complete settings and traces related to a project can be stored and recalled from disk, for maximum productivity. This greatly helps one or several users to work with pre-defined GUI-layouts and hardware configurations. Advanced triggering allows the Transient Recorder to capture rare events as well as signal anomalies. Powerful data acquisition modes from scope mode to block mode and continuous mode for gap free real-time recording to disk allow the user to choose the appropriate scheme.

The user defines how many channels to display in one graph and how many graphs to view on screen. A graph may have multiple areas and each area may have multiple rulers – the ability to visualize complex wave shapes is virtually limitless. Cursor measurements with multiple cursor pairs and more than 40 scalar functions are available to measure trace parameters. Waveform math functions such as arithmetics, smoothing and filter functions can be applied to captured as well as prestored traces. Math-on-math functions lets the user carry out advanced analysis without being a practising mathematician. The ability to document, analyze, store and import waveforms then print to printer or clipboard, rounds-up TranAX 3 software as an all-in-one universal Transient Recorder solution.


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Key Capabilities

Supported Hardware

TPCE PCIe Data Acquisition card TPCX PCI Data Acquisition card TPCE-LE PCIe Data Acquisition card
TraNET FE Data Acquisition System TraNET PPC Portable Rack Data Acquisition System TraNET EPC 19'' Rack Data Acquisition System


  • Configures quick and easy many analog input channels, no programming required
  • Data visualization in multi-waveform displays
  • Several cursor for easy data readout and reporting
  • X-Y data display
  • FFT Analysis width different scaling and windowing function
  • Measurement data - video synchronization
  • NEW: TranAX SCOPE simplified waveform
  • More than 40 scalar functions to measure any significant waveform parameter on time or FFT curves
  • Powerful formula editor for more than 60 mathematic functions, syntax highlighting, for-loops, array calculations, string manipulations, etc.
  • Curve fitting (Polynomial regression)
  • Autosequence-macro’s for easy to set up, fast automated measurements
  • English and German version
  • Data export to HDF5, ASCII and customer specific data formats
  • Data import from ASCII or TransAS 2
  • Audio files import (*.wav and *.mp3) and export (*.wav)
  • ActiveX/COM interface for direct accessing TranAX from Excel or customer specific software

Recording Modes

  • Single mode and free running scope mode with auto trigger functionality
  • Multi-Block recording (segmented memory)
  • Continuous data recording to the hard disk (streaming)
  • Unique Event Controlled Recording (ECR) mode offers automatic recording without dead-time and dual timebase

Image Map Overview

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