Data Acquisition in Power Application
Data Acquisition in Automotive Application
Data Acquisition for Non Destructive Testing
Data Acquisition in Transportation Industry
Data Acquisition in Defence and Explosive Application
Data Acquisition for Research and Development
Data Acquisition for Civil Engineering
Data Acquisition for the Watch Industry

Customized Data Acquisition Solutions

Get a Solution from One provider - From Data Acquisition Instruments up to Analysis Software


Data Acquisition Instrument TraNET FE

Data Acquisition Instruments

  • 4 to 64 Channel in one Device
  • Compact, portable and 19'' Solutions
  • 2 - 240 MHz Sampling rate per Channel
  • Stand alone Operation possible

Data Acquisition Card TPCE

Data Acquisition Cards

  • PCI and PCIe Data Acquisition Cards
  • 4 or 8 Channel per Modul
  • Single ended or differential Inputs
  • up to 100 V input range
  • high Precision of 0.03 %
  • 2 to 240 MHz Sampling Rate
  • 14 or 16 Bit

Data Acquisition Software 4

Data Acquisition Software

  • Data Visualisation in mulit-waveform displays
  • X-Y Visualisation
  • FFT Analysis
  • Scalar Function Calculation
  • Formula Editor with more than 60 Math functions
  • German and English Version


2016-04-07 - Data Acquisition Software TranAX 4 Available

Elsys presents the next generation of the high-performance
data acquisition software TranAX.

The new version of the data acquisition software TranAX 4.0 offers new possibilities for intuitive and powerful data analysis and has been optimized for the demands of new operating systems and display technologies.

2015-10-01 - 100:1 and 1000:1 Voltage Attenuators

Elsys expands his voltage attenuator family with two additional models.

The EL-Att3-100 is a 3-channel 100:1 attenuator with maximum 1000 V CAT. III input voltage and a precision of 0.2% at 60 Hz.

The EL-Att3-1000 is a 3-channel 1000:1 attenuator with the same maximum 1000 V CAT. III input voltage and a precision of 0.5% at 50/60 Hz.

Both types are tested with a 6000 V input voltage. The 4mm security inputs plugs allow to work in safety with high voltages.

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