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The Elsys product range includes data acquisition instruments, data acquisition software and data acquisition cards, signal conditioners such as measuring bridge amplifiers or pulse generators, as well as various accessories.

High Speed Data Acquisition Cards

Die PCIe Datenerfassungskarten von Elsys bieten Abtastraten bis zu 240 MS/s pro Kanal und können zu Systemen bis zu 32 Kanäle pro Gerät kombiniert werden.

  • Hohe Abtastrate bis 240 MS/s
  • Hoche Präzision von < 1 ‰
  • Single Ended oder differentielle Eingänge
  • Eingangsbereich bis 100 V
  • Kurzes PCIe Format
  • ICP/IEPE (optional)

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Transient Recorder / Data Logger

Die TraNET FE Datenerfassungsgeräte sind flexibel und kompakte Transienten-Rekorder oder Daten-Logger und können für diversen Anwendungen eingesetzt werden. 

  • Schlüsselfertige Messlösungen
  • Ausgereifte Messsoftware
  • Hohe Abtastrate bis 240 MS/s pro Kanal bei 14 Bit Auflösung
  • Hohe Präzision von < 1 ‰

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Strain Gauge Amplifier

Bridge Amplifier for Strain Gages

Bridge amplifier for highly dynamic measurements with strain gages.

  • Internal ½ and ¾ bridge completion
  • 2 independent channels per module
  • 4-wire and 6-wire technology
  • Switchable amplifier stages x1, x10, x100 per channel
  • 1.5 MHz bandwidth with amplification x1, x10

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Data Acquisition Software TranAX

The TranAX® 4 data acquisition software turns your measurement hardware into a measurement solution.

  • Simple configuration of the input channels without programming knowledge
  • Data Visualization in Mulit-Waveform Displays
  • FFT Analysis with different scaling and window functions
  • Waterfall and Spectrogram Visualization
  • Video-Synchronization
  • Formula Editor
  • Makro Language for the measurement flow control

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  • Industries


    Alternative drive systems and new competition from China and the technology sector are forcing manufacturers in the automotive industry to invest constantly in further developments.
  • Industries

    Railway Technology

    Higher speeds, higher load factors and tighter schedules are the driving factors in rail technology development.
    Elsys Bahntechnik
  • Industries

    Civil Engineering

    The further development of modern building materials requires diverse measurement methods in basic research and materials science.
  • Industries


    High currents, fast switching cycles and higher power densities are key factors in today's energy sector.
  • Industries


    Acoustic emission analysis and ultrasonic measurements are examples of how Elsys measurement technology can be used in the geology environment to gain new knowledge about soil and material properties.
    Elsys Geologie
  • Industries

    Explosive & Ballistics

    Safety and reliability in the environment of explosive and ballistic systems can only be achieved through appropriate quality assurance and the measurement technology required for this.
  • Industries


    For the integration of Elsys data acquisition solutions, Elsys offers various interfaces (APIs) as well as open data formats. In addition, customer-specific adaptations to software as well as hardware are integrated easily and quickly. Elsys is therefore an ideal partner for system integrators and OEMs.
  • Industries

    Mechanical Engineering

    Modern sensor technology makes it possible to continuously monitor the condition of a machine and its tools during production. Vibrations or acoustic signals can provide indications of possible tool or material defects. Elsys offers the necessary data acquisition devices and evaluation software for this purpose.
  • Products

    Data Acquisition Instrument

    Data acquisition devices and systems for highly dynamic analog measurement signals with 4 to 32 channels per device and a sampling rate up to 240 MS/s per channel.
    TraNET FE 204 - Data Acquisition Instrument
  • Products

    Data Acquisition Card

    PCIe-based data acquisition cards with sampling rates from 2 to 240 MS/s per channel, with complex trigger capabilities and differential or single-ended inputs.
  • Products

    Data Acquisition Software

    Elsys' powerful data acquisition software transforms data acquisition hardware into a measurement solution that can be used directly after little training.
    TranAX 4.2 Data Acquisition Software
  • Products

    Signal conditioning

    Various preamplifiers and signal converters extend the range of applications for Elsys data acquisition systems.
    SGA Strain Gauge Amplifier
  • Products


    Accessories for data acquisition devices: voltage attenuators, IO extensions, synchronization units.
    EL-Att3-100 - 100 : 1 Voltage Attenuator


Elsys • The Tech Insider

Kontaktprüfung für zuverlässige Autoelektronik

Learn more about how our TraNET EPC-GN data acquisition device is used to test connectors for the automotive industry, increasing the reliability of automotive electronics.

TranAX Datenerfassungs-Software

Elsys • The Tech Insider

Die nächste Version von TranAX ist verfügbar

TranAX 4.2 bietet neue Möglichkeiten  für die Datenvisualiserung und Postprocessing.

Das Spektrogram– sowie das Wasserfalldiagram ermöglichen neue Darstellungsvarianten für Frequenzanalysen. Zudem erlaubt die neue Integration von Python Code im Formeleditor noch mehr Möglichkeiten für die Datenanalyse oder Automation.