Data Acquisition in Power Application
Data Acquisition in Automotive Application
Data Acquisition for Non Destructive Testing
Data Acquisition in Transportation Industry
Data Acquisition in Defence and Explosive Application
Data Acquisition for Research and Development
Data Acquisition for Civil Engineering
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Customized Data Acquisition Solutions

Get a Solution from One provider - From Data Acquisition Instruments up to Analysis Software


Data Acquisition Instrument TraNET FE

Data Acquisition Instruments

  • 4 to 64 Channel in one Device
  • Compact, portable and 19'' Solutions
  • 2 - 240 MHz Sampling rate per Channel
  • Stand alone Operation possible

Data Acquisition Card TPCE

Data Acquisition Cards

  • PCI and PCIe Data Acquisition Cards
  • 4 or 8 Channel per Modul
  • Single ended or differential Inputs
  • up to 100 V input range
  • high Precision of 0.03 %
  • 2 to 240 MHz Sampling Rate
  • 14 or 16 Bit

Data Acquisition Software 4

Data Acquisition Software

  • Data Visualisation in mulit-waveform displays
  • X-Y Visualisation
  • FFT Analysis
  • Scalar Function Calculation
  • Formula Editor with more than 60 Math functions
  • German and English Version


2017-04-27 - Successfully Certified According to ISO 9001

The products and services of Elsys AG have been successfully certified according to the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015. Elsys AG has always focused on high quality and customer satisfaction. The achievement of the certificate in the first attempt proves that we are on the right way.
Continuous improvement processes and their monitoring will guarantee a consistently high quality and satisfaction for our customers.

2017-02-01 - Ballistic Measurement and Analysis Software - BallAX 4

Elsys Instruments now offers BallAX 4, a comprehensive software application specifically designed to acquire and analyze internal ballistics measurement data. Some of the features are:
- Sing Shot and Continues Fire Analysis
- Closed vessel Analysis according to TL 1376-0600
- Target Visualization
- Stand-Alone Application (no further need of TranAX)
- Report Generator

Thanks to a flexible driver interface, the ballistics analysis software BallAX 4 supports a wide range of charge, pressure and optical sensors from various manufacturers for high-speed, comprehensive data acquisition.

2016-07-22 - Galvanic Isolated Data Acquisition Card

Elsys expand his family of TPCE data acquisition cards with a galvanic isolated input stage. The isolation voltage is 400 V RMS or 560 DC, with a maximum common voltage of 60 V DC. The integrated ICP/IEPE power source allows easy integration of ICP/IEPE sensors into the measurement system.

The cards are available as 4 or 8 channel variants with a maximum sampling rate of 1 MHz and 16 Bit Resolution per channel. Like all other cards from Elsys, TPCE-I boards can be synchronized for forming larger measurement systems or can be integrated into TraNET FE data acquisition instruments.

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