Acoustic Emission Analysis

Acoustic emission analysis uses a piezoceramic sensor to measure sound waves in the frequency range from 10 kHz to 10 MHz. These sound waves are generated during microcrack formation in the material, usually due to the action of an external force. This sound emission can often be detected earlier than a macroscopic change of the material is visible and is therefore excellent as an “early warning system” for process monitoring in manufacturing or for the occurrence of earthquakes.

Depending on the field of application, other features of an acoustic emission analysis are of interest:

The number of emission events or hits over time is recorded and is an indication of material change.

If several AE sensors are spatially arranged, the source of the emission can be calculated and localized on the basis of the time-of-flight differences.

Spectral analysis
The spectral distribution of a hit is characteristic for a certain process in the material. Changes in spectral distribution may indicate a change in the material or a change in the quality of the tool in manufacturing.

A change in the RMS (Root Mean Square) level of sound emissions can also be used as an indication of a change in material or tool. The RMS level can be measured with much simpler measurement techniques than is the case with spectral analysis.

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Elsys Acoustic emission analysis
  • AE-Amp preamplifier for acoustic emission analysis


    Preamplifier for Acoustic Emission (AE) analysis, gain factors up to 60 dB and a bandwidth up to 3 MHz.
  • HVP500

    The HVP500 pulser is a high voltage pulse generator dedicated for using acoustic emission sensors as actuators.
  • TraNET EPC - Data Acquisition System

    TraNET® EPC

    4 to 32 channel high speed data acquisition system ideally suited for large data streams.
  • TraNET FE 404 Data Acquisition Instrument

    TraNET® FE 404

    8 to 16 channel high-speed data acquisition device with Ethernet connection and integrated hard disk.


TranAX® Universal DAQ Software

The TranAX® 4 data acquisition software turns your measurement hardware into a measurement solution. With TranAX® you get the maximum out of the Elsys measurement hardware:

  • Easy configuration of channel and trigger settings, display of waveforms in customizable waveform displays, even of very large data sets.
  • Various scalar-functions and an integrated formula editor for calculations are available for post processing analysis.
  • Repetitive sequences can be automated with the help of the measurement flow control.
  • For measurement reports TranAX has a documentation window to create printable reports.
  • For further data processing, the measurement data can be exported to Matlab, Python or other programming languages and tools.