Connector test

Modern electronic systems, whether in industrial, medical, automotive or other applications, are constantly evolving. Whether this is to provide additional functionality, place more components in a smaller space, or provide better reliability for quick access to more accurate data.

Information is transmitted faster and faster in demanding environmental conditions such as cold, heat or humidity. The testing of these electronic systems, and in particular the data transmission systems, becomes of utmost importance, as a system is only as reliable as its weakest link in the chain.

Since the entry of electronics into the automotive scene, various standards for testing electrical contacts have been developed. The aim is to create reliable interconnection systems between the various control and peripheral devices within a vehicle. Reliability is of paramount importance to ensure the proper functioning of the ECU (engine control unit), ABS, ESP and airbag systems, to name a few.

Read in the White Paper how Elsys can realize measurements according to SAE/USCAR or GMW 3191 test specification with the TPCE-GN measuring card.

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Elsys connector testing
  • TraNET EPC-GN - Data Acquisition System

    TraNET® EPC-GN

    Data acquisition system for contact testing with integrated 100 mA current source based on the TraNET EPC system.
  • TranAX 4.2 Datenerfassungs-Software

    TranAX® 4

    Universal data acquisition software for all TPCE measuring cards as well as TraNET measuring devices.