Measurement Techniques for the Automotive Industry

Measurement Techniques for the Automotive Industry

Alternative power trains and new competition from Asia as well as emerging new technologies, force manufacturers in the automotive industry to invest solidly in continuing new developments.

For that, high precision and reliable measurement techniques play a decisive roll. In the development phase as well as End-of-Line testing, Elsys delivers the appropriate solutions.


  • Cylinder pressure indexing
  • Pressure measurements
  • Monitoring ignition sequences
  • Reliability testing of connectors according to SAE/USCAR-2

Our Services

  • Complete data acquisition solutions for test stands
  • Multiple software interfaces for measurement automation
  • High precision data acquisition modules
  • ICP/IEPE inputs for connecting and powering of pressure sensors
  • Extensive reporting facilities in TranAX
  • Long term recording thanks to continuous writing to hard drive

Your Benefits

  • High precision measurement instruments and accessories (0.03% DC precision)
  • Flexible solutions, tailored to your measurement requirements
  • Paper strip recorder replacement made easy
  • Competent partner in connector testing (in collaboration with QED, Luxembourg)
  • 35 years of measurement technology experience

Our Solutions put to work

Gnostic64 Messsystem

Connector Manufacturers

Our partner QED in Luxembourg offers, based on Elsys Measurement technology, complete solutions for the detection of connector contact failures through vibration testing following SAE/USCAR-2 norms. Many manufacturers worldwide apply this solution successfully.

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Druck Indizierungskurve

Research and Development

Many of our clients are involved with applied research projects on fuel and internal combustion engines. They are for example the Combustion Research Laboratory at Paul Scherrer Institute Switzerland or the two Technical Universities in Switzerland, ETH and EPFL.