Explosions and Ballistics Measurements

Explosions and Ballistics Measurements

Safety and reliability in the presence of explosives and ballistic systems can only be achieved through high quality assurance standards and subsequent measurement techniques.

Elsys offers, thanks to many years of collaboration with clients in this field, the ideal measurement technology for that.


  • Internal ballistics measurements
  • Quality assurance of ammunition
  • Ammunition inspection
  • Testing of explosives
  • Pressure bomb tests
  • Sound pressure measurements
  • V0 measurements
  • Target image analysis

Our Services

  • Special software for ballistics measurements, BallAX
  • ICP/IEPE data acquisition cards for use with piezo pressure sensors
  • Formula editor for the analysis of light barriers - and RADAR signals
  • Multi-channel measurement systems for recording of extensive explosion tests
  • Ethernet controlled data acquisition systems

Your Benefits

  • One-Stop complete solutions from Elsys
  • Analysis of measurement series made easy with BallAX
  • Instantaneous signal analysis in the measurement software
  • Safe operation through remotely controlled measurement instruments (Ethernet connection)
  • No need for charge amplifiers, thanks to ICP/IEPE inputs
  • Compact, easy to transport, measurement systems

Our Solutions at Work



Long time client Armasuisse deploys Elsys measurement systems in multiple tests and experiments, in the field, in the laboratory as well as on shooting ranges.