OEM – Data Acquisition and Integration

OEM  –  Data Acquisition and Integration

Flexible interfacing, open data formats and high precision measurement technology are prerequisites of system integrators and OEMs.

Elsys offers precisely those advantages with its TPCX and TPCE data acquisition cards.


  • Material test stands
  • Engine test stands
  • End-of-Line tests
  • Shock tables
  • Vibration test sites

Our Services

  • Software interfaces for C++ and C#
  • LabVIEW Instruments driver
  • ActiveX/.Net interface for TranAX
  • Multiple recording methods like Scope, Multiblock, Streaming
  • High Precision data acquisition cards
  • Fast Strain Gauge Amplifiers from 2 to 24 channels

Your Benefits

  • You will become a valued reference persons for any measurement requirement
  • Integration support rendered directly from Elsys’ engineers
  • Fast execution of software adaptations
  • Interesting OEM pricing