Measurement Solutions for the Power Sector

Measurement Solutions for the Power Sector

Reliably caring for increasing power demands and overall trustworthiness are two key factors in a changing energy sector.

High precision and robust measurement technology plays a determining role thereby. For that Elsys AG has the knowhow and complete solutions.


  • Efficiency measurements at power inverters
  • Distortion analysis in power electronics assemblies
  • Measuring electrical switching effects
  • Evaluating power station’s measurement and control systems
  • Analyzing the propagation of distortions in transmission lines

Our Services

  • Complete measurement systems for the power sector
  • Measurement technique engineering / proto-typing
  • Test procedure monitoring of critical measurements
  • Development and application of custom specific evaluation algorithms
  • Establishing report-routines and –presentations
  • Renting-out measurement equipment

Your Benefits

  • You obtain a complete system solution, including measurement and analysis software
  • High precision measurement instruments and accessories (0.03% DC precision)
  • Suitable for high input voltages up to 100V without special accessories
  • Safe operating thanks to distance between point of measurement and user (Ethernet connection)
  • Long time period, autonomous, measurement execution
  • Compact, easy to transport measurement systems
  • 35 years of measurement technology experience

Our Solutions put to work

ABB Messung von Medium Voltage Drives
Frequenz Umrichter schematisch

ABB Switzerland

For starting up Medium Voltage Drives ABB deploys Elsys TraNET FE data acquisition systems. Especially the small footprint as well as its ability to operate the instruments remotely, is of great interest to the engineers and technicians.

Application Note

IconVariable Frequency Drives

Rockwell Kompakt-Leistungsschalter
Rockwell Kompakt-Leistungsschalter

Rockwell Automation

Rockwell, a leading manufacturer of compact power switches, deploys the Elsys Transient Recorders, among other applications, for the research of transient responses from switching events.

Kernkraftwerk Gösgen
Kernkraftwerk Gösgen

Nuclear Power Station Goesgen (Switzerland)

To early determine wear, tear and ageing effects of critical safety control valves, Nuclear Power Station Goesgen measures the voltage/current curves of all valves with help of an Elsys data acquisition system. Thanks to X-Y presentation of data in TranAX, changes with regard to earlier measurements, are quickly recognized.