Measurement Technology for Research and Development

Measurement Technology for Research and Development

In many research and development areas, the most important set of tools are dedicated measurement systems. They give the developer the assurance that their research project functions according to calculations or simulations or assists in localizing and resolving problems.

Elsys’ data acquisition solutions offer high performing tools in a variety of applications to optimally support the developer.


  • Engine test stands
  • Acoustic emission analysis
  • Voltage inverter measurements
  • Power electronics
  • Vibration analysis
  • Traction technology

Our Services

  • Fast, high precision data acquisition cards up to 240 MS/sec
  • Advanced trigger options for focused problem analysis
  • Compact TraNET FE measurement instruments, for laboratory -and field use
  • User friendly software
  • Open file format (HDF) for continued data processing in Matlab
  • Formula-Editor for measurement data analysis in given applications
  • Scalable system architecture from 4 to 1024 channels
  • LabVIEW instruments driver for all measurement cards and systems

Your Benefits

  • Reliable measurement data thanks to high precision front-ends
  • Programming experience not required
  • Single software package for recording and analysis of measurement data
  • Measurement hardware is easy to deploy thanks to network connectivity
  • Various interfaces available for transferring measurement data

Our Solutions put to work

Acoustic Emission with Elsys Transient Recorder
Acoustic Emission with Elsys Transient Recorder

TU München - Laboratory of Building Structures, Division Building Materials

Non-Destructive Testing of concrete beams with self-healing properties.

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