Measurement Solutions for the Railway Industry

Measurement Solutions for the Railway Industry

Higher speeds, higher workloads and tighter time tables are driving factors in the railway industry.

Elsys data acquisition solutions are successfully deployed in a host of applications within railway technology and promote efficiency and result oriented developments.


  • Evaluate traction transformers
  • Pressure measurements on rail car bumpers
  • Acceptance of power deliverables according to client specifications
  • Monitoring the train’s voltage supply
  • Measurements on traction inverters

Our Services

  • Turn-key measurement systems without programming efforts
  • Reporting capabilities for repeating measurements
  • Test procedure guidance at critical measurements
  • Measurements equipment rental for deliverables acceptance at clients
  • Portable, compact measurements systems for long term recording on rail cars

Your Benefits

  • Delivery of a complete system including measurement and analysis software
  • No need for programming
  • Flexible solutions, adapted to particular measurement requirements
  • Single software package for recording and follow up processing of measurement data
  • High accuracy of measurement equipment and accessories (0.03% DC accuracy)
  • Suitable for high input voltages up to 100V without special accessories
  • Long time period, autonomous, measurement execution (e.g. for failure analysis)

Our Solutions at Work

Schwab Verkehrstechnik AG
Schwab Verkehrtechnik - Schienenfahrzeug Puffer

Schwab Verkehrstechnik

Schwab Verkehrstechnik’s bumpers, utilized on new rail vehicles can be considered to be hi-tech components. Several signals, in external destruction tests, such as pressure and path, are being recorded with Elsys measurement technology.

Application Note

Bombardier ICN


Bombardier, a leading manufacturer of railway technology, uses Elsys measurement technology on traction power components.