Measurement Technology for the Watch Industry

Measurement Technology for the Watch Industry

The art of clock design demands know-how in various disciplines, for example, material science, electronics, precision mechanics, physics and manufacturing techniques.

Similarly multi-disciplinary, Elsys data acquisition systems are employed in this high demanding field.


  • Acceleration measurements
  • Current consumption measurements
  • Vibration testing
  • Testing of montage tolerances
  • Acoustic measurements

Our Services

  • High precision data acquisition cards
  • Entire measurements system universally usable
  • ICP/IEPE data acquisition modules for accelerator sensors
  • Extensive reporting facilities in operating software
  • Long term recording thanks to writing to hard drives continuously
  • Scalable from 4 to 1024 channels

Your Benefits

  • Flexible solutions, tailored to your measurement requirements
  • High accuracy of measurement equipment and accessories (0.03% DC accuracy)
  • Direct connection of ICP/IEPE sensors without pre-amplifiers
  • Single software package for recording and follow up processing of measurement data