Alternative drive systems and new competition from China as well as from the technology sector are forcing manufacturers in the automotive industry to constantly invest in further developments. High-precision and reliable measurement technology plays a decisive role in this. Elsys provides solutions for the development up to the end-of-line tests.

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TraNET EPC - Data Acquisition System
  • Elsys Leistungselektronik

    Power Electronics

    The Elsys data acquisition devices are used for measuring fast transients when driving electric motors, voltage converters or switching elements.
  • Elsys Motorenprüfstände

    Engine Test Benches

    High-precision and reliable measurement techniques play a decisive role in this. Elsys provides solutions for this from development to end-of-line testing.
  • Elsys Steckkontakt-Testing

    Connector test

    Connector testing for electronic systems in the industrial, medical and automotive sectors in accordance with the SAE/USCAR or GMW 3191 test standard.

  • Elsys Zylinderdruckindizierung

    Cylinder Pressure Indexing

    Cylinder pressure indexing refers to the measurement of the prevailing internal pressure in cylinders of internal combustion engines.