Device Drivers for LabVIEW®

LabVIEW® from National Instruments is probably the most widely used and best known software in the field of measurement and control. There are several possibilities to integrate hardware of the Elsys into LabVIEW.

The most convenient solution for this is theLabVIEW device driver.


Include DLL of the API

Herewith every imaginable library can be included and used in LabVIEW. However, the user must have very good knowledge of the functionality of the library.

Inclusion of IVI Drivers

IVI drivers are available for different device classes such as IVI Scope. The advantage of this driver is that it works exactly the same for all manufacturers. To the disadvantage that special features and strengths of a measurement card can usually not be fully exploited.

LabVIEW Instrument Driver

These drivers are fully integrated into LabVIEW. The handling of device drivers from third-party manufacturers hardly differs from NI drivers. More complex setting options can be combined by the manufacturer in VI’s which enables easier handling.