Data Logger Solution for Temperature and Voltage

NI® CompactDAQ® Hardware

With the EL-DAQ measurement solution the user gets a full configured and tested NI® compactDAQ® chassis. Depending on the number of modules needed the 1-Slot cDAQ-9181, 4-Slot cDAQ-9184 or the 8-Slot cDAQ-9188 can be used.

The cDAQ® chassis is connected over Ethernet with the measurement computer on which the measurement software is running.

Customer specific chassis and mounting options on request.

Available Inputs:

  • Thermocouple NI-9210 & NI-9211
  • RDT NI-9216 & NI-9217
  • High Voltage 400/800 V NI-9242 & NI-9244

TranAX® Universal DAQ Software

The TranAX® DAQ software is initially developed for the high speed data acquisition cards and instruments from Elsys. With the new NI-Elsys Gateway driver, the full functionality of TranAX® is now available for the NI® cDAQ® chassis and modules.

TranAX® and NI® cDAQ® are together a powerful general measurement solution which is ready to use and doesn't need any programming in LabVIEW® or any other language.


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EL-DAQ Datasheet


Support and Consulting

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Data Visualization in Multi-Waveform Displays

TranAX Temperature Measurement

Report Generator

Design a measurement report in just a few clicks and split long-time measurements on several pages, if needed. Use report templates for having consistent looks and CI compliance of your reports. Use the Measurement-Flow-Control function "Print" for print out the report after each measurement, or print it in a PDF file.

TranAX Documentation Window

Integrated Formula Editor for Post Processing and Data Analysis

Data Filtering, removing DC Offsets, cut out interesting parts from a curve, search for level crossing in the curve, statistical analysis and many more.

TranAX Formula Editor

Measurement Flow Control for Automated Tasks

Measurement Flow Control (MFC) works like Macros, usable for performing automated serial measurements and analysis.

TranAX Measurement Flow Control

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