IEPE Data Acquisition Card PCIe - TPCE/IEPE

TPCE Data Acquisition Card

The simplest way to use IEPE/ICP sensors

IEPE Inputs

IEPE/ICP Input circuit

Each input of the TPCE/IEPE data acquisition card is equipped with an individual 4 mA power source, allowing powering IEPE/ICP piezo sensors without any additional hardware.


Precision of Data Acqusition Systems

Elsys specify the DC precision of the data acquisition cards in % of the full scale range. The integrated calibration algorithm archives precision of typically 0.03 %.

Sample Rates

What is a sampling rate of a data acquisition card

Modules with sampling rates of 2 MHz up to 240 MHz (per channel) are available with vertical resolutions of 14 or 16 Bit.

Input Ranges

What is the input range of a data acquisition card

Each input can be configured individually from 100 mV to 100 V input range. The range can be configured for symmetric signals (ex. ±5 V) or asymmetric signals (ex. 0 - 10 V).

Differential Measurements

Why I need differential inputs for data acquisition cards

All TPCE and TPCX data acquisition modules are available with single ended or differential inputs. Differential modules have two input connectors (+ and -) per channel. Single ended modules can also be configured for differential measurement by combining two channels together.

More information

Check out the TPCE product page for getting more information about TPCE data acquisition cards