Ballistic Analysis Software

BallAX 4 ballistic analysis software is used to acquire and analyze measurement data on firearms, rifles, artillery, bullets and shells with different types of ammunition and explosive propellants, ensuring accurate ballistic measurements.
The ballistic analysis software provides particularly precise results and is easy to use. The measurement data helps determine the accuracy and consistency of a projectile before it leaves the muzzle. Firearms manufacturers, from simple hunting rifles to sensitive military artillery applications, will benefit from this easy-to-use and industry-specific software module. BallAX 4 serves as an extension to the universal TranAX 4 data acquisition and analysis software and works seamlessly with the TPCE data acquisition modules as well as their turnkey TraNET devices.

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BallAX - Ballistic Data Acquistion Software

Key Specification


  • Quick and easy configuration of many analog input channels
  • No programming required
  • Data visualization of entire test series
  • Sing Shot and Continues Fire Analysis
  • More than 30 scalar functions to calculate specific parameters
  • Closed vessel Analysis according to TL 1376-0600
  • Target Visualization
  • English and German version
  • Data export to TPC5 and ASCII data format
  • Report generator, based on freely editable MS-Excel templates

  • TraNET FE 404 Data Acquisition Instrument

    TraNET® FE 404

    8 to 16 channel high-speed data acquisition device with Ethernet connection and integrated hard disk.
  • TraNET FE 408 Dust Proof Data Acquisition Instrument

    TraNET® FE 408 DP

    Dust-proof data acquisition unit with up to 32 channels and programmable IEPE/ICP power source on all channels.
  • TraNET PPC - Data Acquisition-Instrument

    TraNET® PPC

    Compact all-in-one data acquisition instrument for up to 24 channels suitable for laboratory or field use.
  • TranAX 4.2 Datenerfassungs-Software

    TranAX® 4

    Universal data acquisition software for all TPCE measuring cards as well as TraNET measuring devices.