High Speed Data Acquisition System TraNET EPC

The Elsys Data Acquisition Instrument TraNET EPC with its high channel density and robust housing is designed for high precision measurements in industrial environments. It is a scalable system that may grow to a total number of 64 SE channels in one device. For this data acquisition cards TPCE, TPCE-LE or TPCE-I can be used and combined. Several TraNET devices can be synchronized with the Elsys SyncLink box.


  • 19'' Rack Case
  • Windows 10 64 Bit pre installed
  • SSD HD in a 4-bay docking backplane
  • PCIe Backplane
  • Intel i5 or better CPU, 8 GB RAM
  • USB3, Display-Port, VGA,2xGBit, Audio
  • Costumer specific changes possible
  • Up to 64 channels single ended, or 32 channels differential
  • Sampling rate up to 240 MS/s per channel
  • 14-bit and 16-bit vertical resolution
  • Up to 128 MS onboard memory per channel
  • High precision typ 0.03% of the full input range
  • Triggering on all channels possible
  • Digital input for monitoring of state signals


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Download TraNET EPC Datasheet and Specification (EN)


Data Acquisition Cards

Elsys provides several high-precision and fast data acquisition cards with maximum sampling rates from 2 to 240 MS/s per channel. Several different measurement modes like Scope, Multi-Block or continuous recording makes the Elsys data acquisition card suitable for almost any measurement task in many different applications field.

TPCE High-End DAQ Card


Sampling rates from 2 to 240 MS/s - 14 or 16 bit resolution - high CMRR of > 72 dB - PCIe x4 interface for fast streaming to disc - optional ICP/IEPE power supply

TPCE-LE Low-Cost DAQ Card


Sampling rates from 2 to 240 MS/s - 14 bit resolution - PCIe x1 interface - optional ICP/IEPE power supply

TPCE-I Isolated DAQ Card

TPCE-I Isolierte PCIe DAQ Card

Maximum sampling rate 1 MS/s per channel - 16 bit resolution - galvanic isolation of each channel - PCIe x1 interface - 4 or 8 channel variants - optional ICP/IEPE power supply

Support and Consulting

Do you need support or consulting services for your measurement task? Contact us:

Phone : +41 56 496 01 55 | Email to: info@elsys-instruments.com | or Send a request


DAQ-Software TranAX 4

The powerful data acquisition software TranAX brings out the best from the measurement hardware. Easy channel configuration of input range and trigger settings, fast visualization of the measurement curves even with large data sets, data post processing with the formula editor or report generation, these are only a few of the most important features of TranAX.

DAQ API for C++, C# and Python


Several API's in different programming languages are available like C++, C# or Python.

LabVIEW Instrument driver for Elsys DAQ


Integration of the Elsys DAQ into LabVIEW is quite easy with the help of the LabVIEW Instrument Driver.

HDF5 File Format


All measurement curves in TranAX are stored in the HDF5 file format which makes data imports to other 3th. part software easy.

More Elsys Measurement Hardware

SGA-2 - Strain Gauge Amplifier

Strain Gauge Amplifier SGA2 MK2

high bandwidth in a modular design.

EL-LNA-2 - Low Noise Amplifier

Low Noise 2-Channel Amplifier

2-Channel Low Noise Amplifier.

DAQ Synchronization

DAQ-Synchronization SyncLink

Data Acquisition Synchronization for all TraNET devices.


2 Channel TTL Trigger generator and Pulse Shaper

Pulse Shaper and Trigger generator

Precision Attenuators

100:1 and 1000:1 Precision Voltage Attenuator

100:1 and 1000:1 Precision Voltage Attenuator

EL-TRG - Reluctance Trigger

Reluctance Signal Converter

TTL Trigger Pulse Generator from Reluctance Sensors.