Strain Gauge Amplifier SGA-2 MK2

Strain Gauge Amplifier

Fast and Accurate Bridge Amplifier

The SGA-2 strain gauge bridge amplifier is a differential high speed front-end amplifier with high precision. Strain gauges can be connected to the measuring bridge in full bridges, half bridges or ¼ bridge construction. Among its main features of the amplifier include 4-wire and 6-wire technology, two independent channels per module, low output noise, 1.5 MHz bandwidth with amplification x1 and x10, small voltage offset drift and auto-offset compensation. The USB / RS458 software interface can be used to configure all settings and to monitor the output signal. Visually, it impresses with its robust and modular design. By special arrangement and interconnection of the strain gauges at the measuring bridge, different temperature compensations can be achieved. As a result, thermal expansions cancel each other and certain expansion components can be compensated or selected.

Key Capabilities

  • Internal ½- and ¼ Bridge Completion
  • Two independent channels per module
  • Gain x1, x10, x100
  • 4-wire and 6-wire technique
  • 1.5 MHz bandwidth at gain x1, x10
  • Low offset voltage drift
  • Low output noise
  • NEW: Auto-Offset compensation
  • NEW: USB or RS485 interface for configuring all settings and read back of the actual output signal.



  • 2-Channel Rack-Modules SGA-P/7 or SGA-P/16
  • Amp-BU-10 (for up to 5 modules / 10 channels)
  • Amp-BU-24 (for up to 12 modules / 24 channels)
  • USB interface (emulated COM port) for accessing all installed amplifier (Internally over RS485)

Boxed Version

  • 2-Channel Modules SGA-Box/7 or SGA-Box/16
  • USB interface (emulated COM port)
  • External power supply


  • Deformation testing for material characterization
  • High speed dynamic material deformation
  • Load Cell measurements


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Strain Gauge Amplifier Order Information

Model Unit Description Interface
Amp-BU-10 MK2Amplifier Base Unit for max. 5 SGA modules (10 channels)USB
Amp-BU-24 MK2Amplifier Base Unit for max. 12 SGA modules (24 channels)USB
SGA2-P/7 MK2 2-channel strain gauge amplifier module, input connector 7-pol LemoRS485
SGA2-P/16 MK2 2-channel strain gauge amplifier module, input connector 16-pol LemoRS485
SGA2-Box/7 MK2 2-channel strain gauge amplifier in external box, input connector 7-pol LemoUSB
SGA2-Box/16 MK2 2-channel strain gauge amplifier in external box, input connector 16-pol LemoUSB

Different Variants of the Bridge Amplifier Available

The strain gauge amplifier is available in different variants and therefore suitable for different applications. The amplifier is available as a rack version and as a box version. For the rack version we differentiate between the 2-channel plug-in module SGA-P/7 and SGA-P/16. Up to five modules / ten channels of the rack version can be installed in the Amp-BU-10 and up to twelve modules / 24 channels in the Amp-BU 24 Base-Unit. The USB port on the rack can be used to operate all plug-in cards. Also the box version is available in two different variants : SGA-Box/7 and SGA-Box/16. The "/7" or "/16" variants differ only in the connector used. The USB port in this case is an emulated COM port. An external power supply is also part of the box version. We are happy to advise you which variant is the right choice for your application. With each version, internal ½ and ¾ bridges can be completed.