Data Acquisition System for Contact Testing

The Elsys TPCE-GN data acquisition (DAQ) cards are high-precision and high-resolution digitizers with an integrated 100 mA current source for measuring contact interruption allong SAE/USCAR, GMW 3191, LV214 or similar measurement specification.
The TPCE-GN DAQ boards are available as 40 or 80 MS/s variants and can be scaled from 4 to 32 channel in a high-performance measurement system.

Key-Capabilities DAQ-Card

  • Sampling rate of 40 or 80 MS/s per channel
  • 14-bit and 16-bit vertical resolution
  • Differential input configuration, ± 5V input range
  • High-precision typ. 0.03 % of FSR
  • Very low input noise
  • 100 mA current source per channel

Trigger Features

Standard Trigger

  • Slope Trigger (±, - or + slope)
  • Window in/out
  • External Slope Trigger

Advanced Trigger (optional)

  • Puls > t, Puls < t, Puls inside/outside Δt
  • Delay between channel a -> b > t, a -> b < t, a -> b inside/outside Δt
  • Period > t, Period < t, Period inside/outside Δt
  • Slew Rate trigger
  • Triggering on the product of two channels (Power Trigger)
  • AND-Linkage of triggers

Key-Capabilities DAQ-System

  • 19'' Rack Case
  • Windows 10 64 Bit pre installed
  • SSD HD in a 4-bay docking backplane
  • PCIe Backplane
  • Intel i5 or better CPU, 8 GB RAM
  • Power supply with additional filter stage
  • PT100 Input for temperature measurement
  • Frequency input for Shaker frequence tracking


Modern electronics systems, whether found in industrial, medical, automotive or other applications, are continually evolving to include additional functionality, to cram more components into a smaller space, and to provide better reliability for fast access to the most accurate data.

Regardless of the environment such as heat, cold or humidity, in most cases the information transfer is happening at a breakneck pace and testing these advanced systems to ensure data integrity becomes paramount, since a system is only as reliable as its weakest data packet.

Since electronics have entered the automotive scene, several standards for testing of electrical contacts have been developed. The aim is to design and to manufacture reliable connection systems between the different control and peripheral units within a vehicle. Reliability is of utmost importance to assure the proper functioning of the ECU (Engine Control Unit), ABS, ESP and airbag systems to name a few.


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DAQ-Software TranAX 4

The powerful data acquisition software TranAX brings out the best from the measurement hardware. Easy channel configuration of input range and trigger settings, fast visualization of the measurement curves even with large data sets, data post processing with the formula editor or report generation, these are only a few of the most important features of TranAX.

DAQ API for C++, C# and Python


Several API's in different programming languages are available like C++, C# or Python.

LabVIEW Instrument driver for Elsys DAQ


Integration of the Elsys DAQ into LabVIEW is quite easy with the help of the LabVIEW Instrument Driver.

HDF5 File Format


All measurement curves in TranAX are stored in the HDF5 file format which makes data imports to other 3th. part software easy.

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