TranAX Scope
TranAX Scope Channel Settings
TranAX Scope  Timing Settings

The Oscilloscope on your Computer

With TranAX SCOPE, instrument handling in straight forward applications has become much easier, as TranAX behaves like an oscilloscope that way. Although still without rotary knobs, the elements of seldom used operating modes are moved significantly to the background. All manipulations, whether it concerns waveform curves and their windows, axes, annotations, etc. all behave as in a normal TranAX Y/T Waveform window.

Channel Settings

Scope Input Settings

In the lower part of the display each hardware channel has its operating box on which all channel specific settings can be made. In addition, scalar calculation and cursor read outs are shown just under the corresponding channel name.

Trigger Settings

Trigger level can be set directly in the waveform window by moving the triangle symbols on the left and right side of the waveform. Setting triggers was never easier before.

Digital Read-Out Boxes

In situation where scalar calculations must be monitored, digital readout boxes can be showed up. All available scalar calculations like RMS, MAX, Peak-Peak, Mean, etc. can be used as source for these read-out boxes.