High Speed Data Acquisition System

The Elsys data acquisition system TraNET EPC is excellently suited for high-precision measurements in industrial environments. The scalable system can be expanded up to 32 analog input channels in one housing. The TPCE or TPCE-LE high-speed data acquisition cards can be used and combined for this purpose. Several units can also be connected and synchronised with the help of the Elsys SyncLink box.

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TraNET EPC - Data Acquisition System

Key Specification

Device Specification

  • 19” Rack Housing
  • Windows 10 64 Bit
  • SSD HD in 4-way removable bay
  • PCIe Backplane
  • Intel i5 or better CPU, 8 GB RAM
  • USB3, Display-Port, VGA,2xGBit, Audio
  • Customer-specific adaptations possible

DAQ Specification

  • Up to 32 channels ground-related or 16 channels differential
  • Up to 240 MS/s sampling rate
  • Up to 16 bit resolution
  • Up to 128 MS memory per channel
  • Data streaming up to 1’000 GB/s possible (on request)
  • High precision of 0.03% of the input range
  • Trigger possibilities on all channels
  • Digital inputs for monitoring


TranAX® Universal DAQ Software

The TranAX® 4 data acquisition software turns your measurement hardware into a measurement solution. With TranAX® you get the maximum out of the Elsys measurement hardware:

  • Easy configuration of channel and trigger settings, display of waveforms in customizable waveform displays, even of very large data sets.
  • Various scalar-functions and an integrated formula editor for calculations are available for post processing analysis.
  • Repetitive sequences can be automated with the help of the measurement flow control.
  • For measurement reports TranAX has a documentation window to create printable reports.
  • For further data processing, the measurement data can be exported to Matlab, Python or other programming languages and tools.
  • TraNET FE 204 - Datenerfassungsinstrument

    TraNET® FE 204

    4 or 8 channel high-speed data acquisition device with Ethernet connection and integrated hard disk.
  • TraNET FE 404 Data Acquisition Instrument

    TraNET® FE 404

    8 to 16 channel high-speed data acquisition device with Ethernet connection and integrated hard disk.
  • TPCE-4S-DAQ-Datenerfassungskarte


    High precision and high resolution data acquisition cards, sampling rates from 2 - 240 MS/s per channel and x4 PCIe connectivity.
  • SGA Messbrückenverstärker


    Bridge amplifier for highly dynamic measurements with strain gauges for 1/4, 1/2 or full bridge circuits.