19'' Rack Data Acquisition System TraNET EPC

TraNET EPC Data Acquisition Instrument

The most complete Data Recorder solution available today features high channel densitiy in a robust housing!

The Elsys Data Acquisition Intrument TraNET EPC with its high channel density and robust housing is designed for high precision measurements in industrial environments. It is a scalable system that may grow to a total number of 64 SE channels in one device. Several devices can be synchronized with the Elsys Sync-Link box.

Application Field

TraNET EPC is used to acquire simultaneously many traces to address various measurement tasks in applications such as test and verification of train systems, power conversion systems, automotive and power plant maintenance.

Data Streaming

In the Continuous Data Recorder mode, a continuous data stream can be captured and stored to disk over a long time. Even in burst mode applications TraNET EPC is capable to capture blocks of data without any loss thanks to the unique Event Controlled Recording (ECR) mode.


For trouble-shooting applications TraNET EPC features an advanced trigger mode in order to trigger on anomalies and events difficult to capture and visualize otherwise. The powerful application software TranAX not just helps to configure quickly many acquisition channels but it also provides the required post-processing tools to analyze complex waveforms.


TraNET EPC is mainly used as a benchtop or rack-mountable Transient Recorder. However, due to its client-server architecture, it is also possible to install the sophisticated Transient Recorder application software TranAX 3 on a remote computer and use TraNET EPC as an instrument server over Ethernet.


Key Capabilities


Data Acquisition

  • Up to 240 MS/s sample rate
  • 14-bit and 16-bit vertical resolution
  • Up to 128 MS memory per channel
  • High-precision typ. 0.03% of FSR
  • Advanced trigger for debugging
  • More than 40 scalar functions for advanced waveform measurements (width TranAX)
  • Built in Formula Editor with more than 50 mathematical functions (width TranAX)
  • Autosequence-macro's for easy to set up, fast automated measurements (width TranAX)


TraNET EPC data acquisition devices can be used with several different software solutions:


Non-Destructive Testing

Non Destructive Testing


Transportation and Railway Technology


Power Applications

TraNET EPC Order Information

Model Base Unit Model Extension # of Channels Max. Sample
Rate per Channel
ADC Resolution Memory [MS/ch]
StandardOptional StandardOptional
TraNET EPC, 24-ch -6x4S/ff/bb 24 SE, 12 Diff 10 MS/s, 20 MS/s,
40 MS/s, 80 MS/s,
120 MS/s, 240 MS/s
14 Bit 16 Bit 32 MS 128 MS
-3x4D/ff/bb 12 Diff
TraNET EPC, 32-ch -8x4S/ff/bb 32 SE, 16 Diff
-4x4D/ff/bb 16 Diff
TraNET EPC, 48-ch -12x4S/ff/bb 48 SE, 24 Diff
-6x4D/ff/bb 24 Diff
TraNET EPC, 64-ch -16x4S/ff/bb 64 SE, 32 Diff
-8x4D/ff/bb 32 Diff

Replace "ff" with Max. Sample Rate and "bb" with Vertical Resolution.