TraNET FE - Data Acquisition Instrument

TraNET FE Data Acquisition Instrument

The family of modular, ethernet based TraNET data acquisition instruments provides turnkey solutions to many complex measurement problems.

The TraNET FE are flexible and compact Transient-Recorders or Data Loggers and ca be used to solve in situ problems in automotive, power generation, transportation and train systems.

Trigger and Measurement Modes

The powerful triggering, deep memory, and versatile front end capability also solves problems in debug and verification of electronic and mechanical designs.

If applications require complex triggering across many channels, TraNET can help you capture sequential blocks of data, without any loss, using the unique ECR Event Controlled Recording mode.


The TraNET system allows you to monitor a remote engine via LAN, or verify and test an injection system. With the Continuous Data Recorder mode, a long duration event can be stored to disk, gap free in real-time, and analyzed later.

For trouble-shooting applications, TraNET features an advanced trigger mode that allows triggering on anomalies and events difficult to capture and visualize otherwise. The powerful application software TranAX not only helps to quickly configure many acquisition channels, but also provides the right post-processing tools to analyze complex waveforms.


Key Capabilities

Data Acquisition

  • Up to 240 MS/s sample rate
  • Up to 16-bit resolution
  • Up to 128 MS acquisition memory per channel
  • High-precision typ. 0.03% of FSR
  • Flexible parallel triggering mode using all channels and advanced trigger for debugging
  • Digital inputs (Markers) for monitoring synchronized with analog signal


  • Stand alone operation for remote unattended capture of elusive signals
  • Up to 16-channels SE, 8-channels differential
  • Remote control over TCP/IP protocol for setup, recording, and data retrieval
  • GBit Ethernet connection with ZeroConf for easy network integration
  • LXI class C compatible
  • Harddisk streaming for longtime monitoring
  • Internal 200 GB Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • Robust aluminum case in four different sizes
  • Integrated webserver for status updates and configuration


TraNET FE data acquisition devices can be used with several different software solutions:

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Power Applications

Explosive & Ballistics

Explosive and Ballistics


Research and Development

Product Visuals

TraNET FE 204 8 Channel Single Ended TraNET FE 404 16 Channel Single Ended

TraNET FE Order Information

Model Base Unit Model Extension # of Channels Max. Sample
Rate per Channel
ADC Resolution Memory [MS/ch]
StandardOptional StandardOptional

TraNET 204

TraNET FE 204 8 Channel Single Ended
-1x4S/ff/bb 4 SE, 2 Diff 10 MS/s, 20 MS/s,
40 MS/s, 80 MS/s,
120 MS/s, 240 MS/s
14 Bit 16 Bit 32 MS 128 MS
-1x4D/ff/bb 4 Diff
-2x4S/ff/bb 8 SE, 4 Diff

TraNET 404

TraNET FE 404 16 Channel Single Ended
-2x4D/ff/bb 8 Diff
-3x4S/ff/bb 12 SE, 6 Diff
-4x4S/ff/bb 16 SE, 8 Diff

Replace “ff” with Max. Sample Rate and “bb” with Vertical Resolution.