Portable Data Acquisition System TraNET PPC

TraNET PPC Portable Data Acquisition Instrument

The portable Elsys Data Acquisition Recorder TraNET PPC is a high-precision instrument suitable for harsh environments and mission critical applications.

It is a very compact, all in one data acquisition solution with a high channel density. The TraNET PPC was specifically designed for flexible portable usage to capture multiple channels simultaneously in applications such as ballistics, explosive tests or acoustic emission.


  • Turnkey Transient Recorder and Data Acquisition System with 4 to 24 channels
  • Up to 6 TPCE Data Acquisition cards installed
  • Pre-Installed Operating System and Data Acquisition Software TranAX
  • High-Resolution 17'' Display
  • Including transportation Case
  • Key and Touch-Pad installed

Your Benefits

  • Ready to Use Data Acquisition Systemm
  • High-Precision Data Acquisition Instrument thanks of TPCE Data Acquisition Cards
  • Instantaneous signal analysis in the measurement software TranAX
  • Single software and hardware package for recording and analysis of measurement data


Key Capabilities

Data Acquisition

  • Up to 240 MS/s sample rate
  • 14-bit and 16-bit vertical resolution
  • Up to 128 MS memory per channel
  • High-precision typ. 0.03% of FSR
  • Advanced trigger for debugging
  • TranAX with more than 50 scalar functions and built in Formula Editor with more than 60 math. functions for advanced waveform analysis
  • Autosequence-macro's for easy to set up, fast automated measurements
  • Multi-Device Synchronization (SyncLink, GPS, IRIG, IEEE1588)


TraNET PPC data acquisition devices can be used with several different software solutions:



Power Applications


Transportation and Railway Technology

Non-Destructive Testing

Non Destructive Testing

TraNET PPC Order Information

Model Base Unit Model Extension # of Channels Max. Sample
Rate per Channel
ADC Resolution Memory [MS/ch]
StandardOptional StandardOptional
TraNET PPC, 8-ch -2x4S/ff/bb 8 SE, 4 Diff 10 MS/s, 20 MS/s,
40 MS/s, 80 MS/s,
120 MS/s, 240 MS/s
14 Bit 16 Bit 32 MS 128 MS
-1x4D/ff/bb 4 Diff
TraNET PPC, 16-ch -4x4S/ff/bb 16 SE, 8 Diff
-2x4D/ff/bb 8 Diff
TraNET PPC, 24-ch -6x4S/ff/bb 24 SE, 12 Diff
-3x4D/ff/bb 12 Diff

Replace "ff" with Max. Sample Rate and "bb" with Vertical Resolution.