Rental of measuring equipment

Precise and reliable measuring instruments are a matter of trust.

High quality DAQ instruments for professional high speed data acquisition are expensive to purchase. If you need powerful measuring instruments for high-speed data acquisition only for a limited period of time or for a specific project, you are very well advised to rent an individual solution from us.

Also, if your inventory of existing measurement equipment is temporarily at capacity, our quality equipment is available on a rental basis to effectively alleviate the bottleneck situation. Instead of resorting to improvisation or stopgap solutions, you should not compromise on performance, precision and reliability when it comes to measurement technology.

We offer first-class measuring devices and the matching software for your individual data acquisition systems also on a rental basis. We respond to your individual performance requirements and rental periods with interesting graduated prices for different offers. This makes it easier for you to implement your temporary projects.

TraNET FE 404 Data Acquisition Instrument

Basic configurations

As rental equipment we offer the TraNET FE 204 or 404with the following basic features:


Sampling rates 20 / 40 or 80 MHz Memory 32 MS per Channel
Resolution 14 / 16 Bit Input Range 100 mV to 100V
Software TranAX 4.1 incl. ECR Accessories (optional) 10:1 Probes, 400Vrms Cat I.
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General rental conditions