Fast High-Precision Data Acquisition Solutions

Founded in 1980, Elsys has gained nearly 30 years of experience in building Data Acquisition solutions to become a well-established designer and manufacturer of Transient Recorders, Data Recorders and Digitizers, focusing on fast sampling rate, high resolution and very high precision.

Product Highlights

TPCE-LE Data Acquisition Board

TPCE-LE Data Acquisition Card

The new TPCE-LE data acquisition (DAQ) cards are high-resolution digitizers with sophisticated features such as advanced trigger mode, continuous data acquisition mode, differential inputs, digital input lines (Markers) and ICP coupling for powering piezo sensors.

Key Specifications: 4-, or 8-channels SE and Diff modules with BNC input plugs, 200 mV to 50 V input ranges, 2 MS/s up to 240 MS/s sample rate, 14 bit and 16 bit vertical resolution, up to 128 MS memory per channel, high-precision typ. 0.03% of FSR, PCIe x1 Interface

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TraNET FE Data Acquisition Instrument

TraNET FE Data Acquisition Instrument

Elsys 2nd generation of TraNET FE devices are now delivered in a modern robust aluminum case. They are available in four different case sizes, starting with 4 channels up to 32. Optional the case is available in a dust proof version.

Key Specification: 10 MS/s up to 240 MS/s sampling rate, 100mV to 100V input voltage, single or differential inputs

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Application Reports

Contact Interrupt causes increased resistance

Many large industrial blowers such as Blast Furnace Blowers are steadily monitored for correct functioning over a long period of time with an advanced data acquisition system in order to capture reliably and securely any anomalies that may occur.


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