Elsys Data Acquisition Card

The Elsys DAQ / data acquisition cards are high precision and high resolution digitizers with complex trigger capabilities, a continuous data acquisition mode, differential or single-ended inputs, digital marker inputs as well as an optional integrated ICP/IEPE supply for piezo sensors.

Multiple cards can be combined in one unit to form a multi-channel system with up to 64 channels per unit. Each channel is equipped with its own analog to digital converter, which are available with a maximum sampling rate of 2 to 240 MS/s at 14 or 16 bit resolution.

Unique Selling Points:

  • High sampling rate up to 240 MS/s
  • High precision of < 1 ‰
  • Single ended or differential inputs
  • Input Range up to 100 V
  • Short PCIe format
  • Turnkey software


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  • TPCE-4S-DAQ-Datenerfassungskarte


    High precision and high resolution data acquisition cards, sampling rates from 2 - 240 MS/s per channel and x4 PCIe connectivity.
  • TPCE-4S-DAQ-data-acquisition-card


    Cost-effective data acquisition cards, sampling rates of 2 - 240 MS/s per channel and x1 PCIe connectivity.