High-Speed Data Acquisition Card

The Elsys TPCE DAQ cards are high precision and high resolution digitizer/data acquisition cards with complex trigger capabilities, a continuous data acquisition mode, differential or single-ended inputs, digital marker inputs as well as ICP/IEPE supply for piezo sensors.

The various TPCE cards are in the short PCI Express (PCIe) format. A scalable measurement system can be started with one module. If required, expansion with up to 64 channels in one housing is possible.

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Key Specification


  • Up to 240 MS/s sampling rate
  • 14- and 16 Bit vertical resolution
  • Available in 4 variants: 4 / 8 channel single ended or differential inputs
  • High precision of typ. 0.03 % of the input range
  • 100 mV to 100 V Input Range
  • 0 to 100 % Offset
  • low noise
  • High differential CMRR
  • Anti Aliasing Filter (optional)
  • IEPE/ICP 4mA current source (optional)

  • Various trigger options
  • Up to 1 GB memory
    (128 MS per channel)
  • PCIe 1.1, x4 lane, 2.5 GB/s
    (10x faster then the PCI-Bus)
  • Continuous data recording with up to 120 MS/s per channel.
  • Short PCIe Format
TPCE Data Acquisition Card Variants


The TPCE as well as the TPCE-LE are available in 4 different variants with different number of channels and input configurations.

  • 4S: 4 Single Ended inputs, can also be used as 2 differential inputs.
  • 8S: 8 Single Endedinputs, can also be used as 4 differential inputs.
  • 4D: 4 differential inputs,can also be used as 4 Single Ended input.
  • 8D: 8 differential inputs,can also be used as 8 Single Ended input.

For 8-channel cards, the on-board memory per channel is halved (16 MS instead of 32 MS or optionally 64 MS instead of 128 MS)

IEPE / ICP Supply


Each input of the TPCE or TPCE-LE data acquisition board can be equipped with an individual 4 mA current source. This allows IEPE/ICP piezo sensors to be operated directly with the card without any additional hardware.

What is IEPE/ICP®?

IEPE is an abbreviation meaning “Integrated Electronics Piezo-Electric”. A semiconductor circuit converts the high-impedance signal of the piezo sensor into a low-impedance voltage signal that is easier to transmit. Thanks to IEPE, power supply and signal transmission can be realized with only one standard cable of any length, without measurement errors caused by cable movements. The IEPE principle is known under various more proprietary names such as ICP®, Piezotron®, CCLD, IsoTron® or DeltaTron®.

Where and how IEPE/ICP® is applied?

IEPE can be used for force, pressure and acceleration sensors. Thanks to the integrated signal conversion, IEPE sensors are easier to handle and less sensitive to electrical interference than piezoelectric sensors without IEPE. However, the semiconductor circuit used limits their use to a temperature range of max. 150 to 200°C.

Source: IEPE (Integrated Electronics Piezo-Electric) | Kistler


TranAX® Universal DAQ Software

The TranAX® 4 data acquisition software turns your measurement hardware into a measurement solution. With TranAX® you get the maximum out of the Elsys measurement hardware:

  • Easy configuration of channel and trigger settings, display of waveforms in customizable waveform displays, even of very large data sets.
  • Various scalar-functions and an integrated formula editor for calculations are available for post processing analysis.
  • Repetitive sequences can be automated with the help of the measurement flow control.
  • For measurement reports TranAX has a documentation window to create printable reports.
  • For further data processing, the measurement data can be exported to Matlab, Python or other programming languages and tools.
  • TraNET FE 204 - Datenerfassungsinstrument

    TraNET® FE 204

    4 or 8 channel high-speed data acquisition device with Ethernet connection and integrated hard disk.
  • TraNET PPC - Data Acquisition-Instrument

    TraNET® PPC

    Compact all-in-one data acquisition instrument for up to 24 channels suitable for laboratory or field use.
  • TraNET FE 404 Data Acquisition Instrument

    TraNET® FE 404

    8 to 16 channel high-speed data acquisition device with Ethernet connection and integrated hard disk.
  • 20:1 Spannungsabschwächer EL-Att2-20


    20:1 precision voltage attenuator, 2 channels, can be used up to 600V input voltage.