Power Electronics

Measurement technology for power electronics is the origin of Elsys data acquisition solutions. Originally called “transient recorders”, they are used to measure fast transients when driving electric motors, voltage converters or switching elements.



Evaluation of transients usually requires an automated calculation which isiolates transients in the trace and calculates typical characteristics. This can be done elegantly in the formula editor of the TranAX software.

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Elsys Power Electronics

Current & Voltage

With the help of precision voltage attenuators (example EL-Att3-100), voltages up to 1’000 V can be precisely measured and visualized. Currents can be converted into voltages using current clamps, Rogowski coils or HALL current sensors, and thus measured on the Elsys data acquisition devices.

Event Triggering

Disturbances in power electronics often occur only very sporadically. The Event Controller Recording mode (ECR) enables triggered long-term recordings for transients and disturbances. The concurrent dual mode continuously records the waveforms at a lower sampling rate. Thus, states of other signals before and after the disturbance can be analyzed without generating large data volumes.

  • EL-Att3-1000 - 1000 : 1 Spannungsabschwächer


    1'000:1 Precision voltage attenuator, 3 channel, can be used up to an input voltage of 1'000 V.
  • TraNET FE 404 Data Acquisition Instrument

    TraNET® FE 404

    8 to 16 channel high-speed data acquisition device with Ethernet connection and integrated hard disk.
  • TraNET EPC - Data Acquisition System

    TraNET® EPC

    4 to 32 channel high speed data acquisition system ideally suited for large data streams.
  • TranAX 4.2 Datenerfassungs-Software

    TranAX® 4

    Universal data acquisition software for all TPCE measuring cards as well as TraNET measuring devices.


TranAX® Universal DAQ Software

The TranAX® 4 data acquisition software turns your measurement hardware into a measurement solution. With TranAX® you get the maximum out of the Elsys measurement hardware:

  • Easy configuration of channel and trigger settings, display of waveforms in customizable waveform displays, even of very large data sets.
  • Various scalar-functions and an integrated formula editor for calculations are available for post processing analysis.
  • Repetitive sequences can be automated with the help of the measurement flow control.
  • For measurement reports TranAX has a documentation window to create printable reports.
  • For further data processing, the measurement data can be exported to Matlab, Python or other programming languages and tools.