Bridge Amplifier for Strain Gauges

The SGA-2 bridge amplifier is designed for highly dynamic measurements with strain gauges.

Strain gauges can be connected in full bridge, half bridge or ¼ bridge configuration. Two independent channels are available per amplifier module. To compensate for voltage losses in the supply line, the 6-wire technique can be used. In the gain stages x1 and x10 the bandwidth is 1.5 MHz

For configuration of all settings and for monitoring of a static output signal the USB / RS458 interface can be used.

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SGA Messbrückenverstärker

Key Specification

Key Specification

  • Internal ½- and ¾ bridges completion
  • 2 independent channels per module
  • 4-wire and 6-wire technology
  • Switchable amplifier stages x1, x10, x100 per channel
  • 1.5 MHz bandwidth with gain x1, x10
  • Small voltage offset drift
  • Low output noise
  • Auto-Offset compensation
  • USB / RS485 software interface for configuration of all settings as well as monitoring of the output signal



  • 2-channel plug-in module SGA-P/7 or SGA-P/16
  • Amp-BU-10 (for up to 5 modules / 10 channels)
  • Amp-BU-24 (for up to 12 modules / 24 channels)
  • USB connection on the rack for operating all plug-in cards (internally via RS485)


  • 2-channel Module SGA-Box/7 or SGA-Box/16
  • USB port (emulated COM port)
  • External power supply

Rack Variant

The SGA is available as a rack-mountable module and can be installed in a rack for 5 or 12 modules:

  • Amp-BU-10 (for up to 5 modules / 10 channels)
  • Amp-BU-24 (for up to 12 modules / 24 channels)

The advantage of the rack version is the compact design for multi-channel applications. In addition, all channels can be configured via one USB interface.

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