Data Acquisition in Transportation Industry
Data Acquisition for Research and Development
Data Acquisition in Automotive Application
Data Acquisition in Power Application
Data Acquisition for Non Destructive Testing
Data Acquisition in Defence and Explosive Application
Data Acquisition for Civil Engineering
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High Speed Data Acquisition Solutions

We at Elsys AG are a medium-sized company based in Switzerland. Since its foundation in 1980, we have been producing and developing innovative DAQ software and DAQ (Data Acquisition) instruments. Our field of activity spans across all sectors, from energy to automotive to ballistics. With us you receive customized complete solutions, turnkey and from a single source. We provide real-time support, have distribution partners around the world, and have been certified to ISO 9001: 2015 since 2017, demonstrating our high quality management standards.


Data Acquisition Instrument TraNET FE

Data Acquisition Instruments

  • 4 to 64 Channels in one Device
  • Compact, portable and 19'' Solutions
  • 2 - 240 MHz Sampling rate per Channel
  • Stand alone Operation possible

Data Acquisition Card TPCE

Data Acquisition Cards

  • PCI and PCIe Data Acquisition Cards
  • 4 or 8 Channel per Module
  • Single ended or differential Inputs
  • up to 100 V input range
  • high Precision of 0.03 %
  • 2 to 240 MHz Sampling Rate
  • 14 or 16 Bit

Data Acquisition Software 4

Data Acquisition Software

  • Data Visualisation in mulit-waveform displays
  • X-Y Visualisation
  • FFT Analysis
  • Scalar Function Calculation
  • Formula Editor with more than 60 Math functions
  • German and English Version

Strain Gauge Amplifier SGA2-MK2

Strain Gauge Amplifier

  • Two Channel Amplifier for Strain Gauges
  • Internal ½- and ¼ Bridge Completion
  • Gain x1, x10, x100
  • 1.5 MHz bandwidth at gain x1, x10
  • Auto-Offset compensation
  • USB or RS485 interface


2018-08-22 - Preamplifier for Acoustic Emission Sensors

Elsys AG presents the new AE-Amp, a broadband preamplifier for AE sensors from various manufacturers. The 2-channel AE-Amp offers four different gain levels from 0 to 60 dB, which can be set either manually or via the USB interface. The bandwidth is adapted to common AE applications. A high-pass filter removes the signal components below 25kHz. The upper bandwidth is between 1 and 2.5 MHz which makes the amplifier ideal for seismic measurements.

The AE-Amp supports all passive AE sensors from various manufacturers. In addition, different power supply for active sensors are available. A programmable current source of 1 - 50 mA can be used for JFET or ICP / IEPE sensors. Optionally, a constant voltage of 28V can be switched on.

For using AE sensors also as actuators, the amplifier path can be bridged and high voltage pulses up to 500 V can be applied to the sensor via a pulse input.

The AE-Amp is a modular amplifier which can be installed as a rack mountable module in the AE-Amp-BU-20 19 '' rack. Up to 10 amplifiers can be mounted in one 10’’ rack unit. The AE-Amp-BU-20 also provides the ability to route high voltage pulses from a high voltage source to individual input channels. This can be used, for example, for tomography measurements in which the acoustic travel times between various sensors must be measured.

2018-01-17 - Next generation of the high-speed Strain Gauge Amplifier SGA-2

The new generation of Elsys strain gauge amplifier offers now configuration over USB and auto-offset compensation. The SGA-2 amplifier with his high bandwidth up to 1.5 MHz is well suited for high dynamic material deformation testing, material characterization or load cell measurements.

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Versatile DAQ software and devices

Our product range includes DAQ instruments and DAQ systems, data acquisition software and data acquisition cards, signal conditioners such as bridge amplifier or pulse generators, and accessories such as precision attenuators or synchronization units. If you need our equipment for a temporary project or want to test it before you buy, you can rent it.

We deliver all devices and cards with a calibration certificate. Despite the use of high-quality electrical components, shifts in the measuring accuracy may occur after a certain aging. Therefore, we offer a periodic calibration of the devices, recommended every two years. In contrast to many accredited testing laboratories, we control not only offset and gain errors, but also clock rates and transient response.

Research and Development

One of our main interests is the development of new test benches, practical software solutions and electronic innovations from idea to maturity phase. Our data acquisition software is an important tool in the concept phase of a product in order to optimize its functionality on the basis of the measurement data. The main focus here is our Elsys Engineering department, which primarily plans models, builds prototypes and produces small batches.

At the TU Munich, for example, so-called non-destructive tests of concrete specimens with self-healing properties were carried out with the help of our DAQ software. Also in many other areas, be it for acoustic emission analysis, ultrasonic measurement or material research, our DAQ software is used.

Elsys data acquisition software in the automotive and energy sectors

In the automotive sector too, most respected research institutions are among our clients, such as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich or the Paul Scherrer Institute. They feed our data acquisition software with vehicle data and make pressure measurements, monitor ignition processes or check plug contacts for reliability.

Like the automotive industry, the energy sector is undergoing change, which can only be driven by sound future concepts. We supply the necessary data acquisition software and data acquisition equipment. This uses, for example, the Gösgen nuclear power plant to determine the voltage and current curves of the valves. The corresponding DAQ software is called TranAX and allows easy operation without programming knowledge.

Own DAQ software for explosive measurements

In the area of explosive and ballistic systems, safety is the top priority. With our DAQ software, the quality of ammunition can be verified, explosives checked and pressure bomb tests carried out. For this purpose, we have developed our own data acquisition software called BallAX 4, which records and evaluates the measurement data of firearms, artillery shells and grenades. One of our long-standing customers is armasuisse, the Swiss Federal Office for Armaments.

Measuring of trains and watches

The railway is being constantly modernized to bring people quickly and efficiently from A to B and to offer commuters an economic and ecological alternative to the car. This increases the speed of the trains and thus their loads, which can be accurately, measured using our DAQ software. We are trusted by the world's largest rail technology specialist Bombardier and the Swiss rail vehicle supplier Faiveley Transport.


When trying to catch the train on time, an exactly running clock is helpful. Meticulous watchmaking is deeply rooted in the Swiss craft culture and requires physical expertise and knowledge of materials science, precision mechanics, electronics and production engineering. With our help, installation inaccuracies can be revealed, vibration tests carried out and the power consumption of clocks measured.