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Customized Data Acquisition Solutions

Get a Solution from One provider - From Data Acquisition Instruments up to Analysis Software


Data Acquisition Instrument TraNET FE

Data Acquisition Instruments

  • 4 to 64 Channels in one Device
  • Compact, portable and 19'' Solutions
  • 2 - 240 MHz Sampling rate per Channel
  • Stand alone Operation possible

Data Acquisition Card TPCE

Data Acquisition Cards

  • PCI and PCIe Data Acquisition Cards
  • 4 or 8 Channel per Module
  • Single ended or differential Inputs
  • up to 100 V input range
  • high Precision of 0.03 %
  • 2 to 240 MHz Sampling Rate
  • 14 or 16 Bit

Data Acquisition Software 4

Data Acquisition Software

  • Data Visualisation in mulit-waveform displays
  • X-Y Visualisation
  • FFT Analysis
  • Scalar Function Calculation
  • Formula Editor with more than 60 Math functions
  • German and English Version

Strain Gauge Amplifier SGA2-MK2

Strain Gauge Amplifier

  • Two Channel Amplifier for Strain Gauges
  • Internal ½- and ¼ Bridge Completion
  • Gain x1, x10, x100
  • 1.5 MHz bandwidth at gain x1, x10
  • Auto-Offset compensation
  • USB or RS485 interface


2018-01-17 - Next generation of the high-speed Strain Gauge Amplifier SGA-2

The new generation of Elsys strain gauge amplifier offers now configuration over USB and auto-offset compensation. The SGA-2 amplifier with his high bandwidth up to 1.5 MHz is well suited for high dynamic material deformation testing, material characterization or load cell measurements.

2017-10-10 - New Industrial 19'' DAQ Solution

Elsys Instruments has expanded its popular TraNET series of LAN controlled transient recorders to 19" enclosures: Industrial 19" rack mount chassis and Plug-In units.

TraNET 408 Rack solution (3U, 84HP) can handle up to 32 single ended channels, the new small Plug-In unit (42HP, half-rack mount chassis), can be used in combination with additional devices and signal conditioners, handles up to 16 single ended channels. Two TraNET Plug-In units fit into a 19" subrack.
Both solutions are available with BNC connectors on front or rear side.

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