TPC5 File Format

The TPC5 file format is used by the data acqusition software TranAX and is based on HDF5.

TranAX Version 3.x and newer is saving trace date, spectral data and TabPages in HDF5 file format. Depending on the data type the file extantion is *.tpc5, *.tps5 or *.tpd. The HDF5 file format was developed at the University of Illinois. The HDF5 specifications and the libraries source codes are open.

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An HDF5 file is composed of groups and datasets to store and organize signal traces. Recording information such as the recording time is saved as attributes which then can be added to the groups.

To ensure an accelerated display view even with large recordings in TranAX, additional signal traces with reduced data sets are included in the file.

Since TranAX version the following settings can be included; the hardware settings, layout configuration, formulas and the used auto sequence.

HDF5 provides also to possibility to compress the data with the gzip compression algorithm. This option can be selected in TranAX.

Microsoft Excel

TranAX to Excel

Starting with TranAX 3.4.0, an Excel AddOn is delivered which allows to import TPC5 files directly into Excel. Just double click on the TPC5 in the file browser to open the file in Excel.


HDF Viewer

The programm HDFView allows to open file which were generated by TranAX:


Mathlab Import

The software MatLab is also capable to import directly HDF5 files. As TranAX is storing the data in a binary form a recalculation must be made for getting voltage or physical scaled data. See the import example in the download section.

More information about MatLab and HDF5 import can be found under the following link: