Data Acquisition Software - TranAX 4

Data Acquisition (DAQ) Software TranAX 4

TranAX 4 is the Data Acquisition Software which transfers your data acquisition hardware into a Data Acquisition Solution. No need for heavy software package installation, only a few clicks are needed and the data acquisition software TranAX is installed and ready for measuring.

Download 30-day trial version of TranAX 4


  • Configures quick and easy many analog input channels, no programming required
  • Data visualization in multi-waveform displays
  • Several cursor for easy data readout and reporting
  • X-Y data display
  • FFT Analysis width different scaling and windowing function
  • Measurement data - video synchronization
  • More than 40 scalar functions to measure any significant waveform parameter on time or FFT curves
  • Powerful formula editor for more than 60 mathematic functions, syntax highlighting, for-loops, array calculations, string manipulations, etc.
  • Curve fitting (Polynomial regression)
  • Autosequence-macro's for easy to set up, fast automated measurements
  • English and German version
  • Data export to HDF5, ASCII and customer specific data formats
  • Data import from ASCII
  • Audio files import (*.wav and *.mp3) and export (*.wav)
  • ActiveX/COM interface for direct accessing TranAX from Excel or customer specific software

Data Visualisation

TranAX 4 Data Acquisition Software Waveform Display with many Axis

Mulit Areas and Multi-Axis Waveforms

TranAX 4 Data Acquisition Software with many Waveforms and FFT Analysis

Independent and flexible Waveform arrangements

TranAX 4 Data Acquisition Software Waveform with Zoom Window

Zoom Window for long measurements

TranAX 4 Data Acquisition Software X-Y Waveform Analysis

X-Y Waveforms

TranAX 4 Data Acquisition Software FFT Analysis

FFT Analysis Waveform

TranAX 4 Data Acquisition Software Digital Marker Signals

Digital Signal Analysis in the Marker Window

Measurement Configuration

Data Acquisition Software Hardware Control Panel

Configure quick and easy many analog input channels with the Control Panel, no programming required

Download 30-day trial version of TranAX 4

Report Generator

Generating meaningful measurement reports can be time consuming. With the Documentation Page in TranAX 4 generating a report is done in just a few clicks. Use the known elements like the Waveform Display or Scalar Table and arrange them freely on a work sheet.

In a nutshell some of the new possibilities:

  • Design a measurement report in just a few clicks.
  • Split long-time measurements on several pages, if needed.
  • Use report templates for having consistent looks and CI compliance of your reports.
  • No more need for different layout settings for measurement data visualization on the screen and report generation for printing.
  • Report results come out from the Formula Editor directly in a text field.
  • Use the Auto-Sequence Function "Print" for print out the report after each measurement, or print it in a PDF file.

Post Processing with the Formula Editor

Do you need your measurement data at a later date for post analysis? No problem with TranAX. Use the same software for the measurement and the analysis. Complex analysis and post processing of the data can be done in the powerful Formula Editor which is fully included in TranAX. More than 60 documented predefined functions for application specific calculations are already integrated and ready for use. Calculated measurement curves can be visualized directly in the Waveform displays.

Some applications could be:

  • Data Filtering
  • Removing DC Offsets
  • Cut out interesting parts from a curve
  • Search for level crossing in the curve
  • Velocity calculation out of light barrier curves
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Curve fitting (Polynomial regression)
  • And many more

Measurement Automation with Autosequences

Auto sequences works like Macros, usable for performing automated serial measurements and analysis. Never again lose measurement due to auto-save and automated file name generation.

Video Synchronisation

Import your video recordings in TranAX and play them synchronous with the measurement curves. This adds much significance to your measurements. TranAX can import almost all popular video formats.


TranAX 4 works with all TPCX, TPCE data acquisition cards and TraNET FE, TraNET PPC and TraNET EPC devices. All settings and measurement data from TranAX 3 can be loaded also in TranAX 4. TranAX 4 works on Windows 7, 8 and 10 as 32 Bit or 64 Bit version. Windows XP is no longer supported.


Download 30-day trial version of TranAX 4