Data Acquisition Software - TranAX LE

TranAX LE is the light edition of the TranAX 4 application software. It allows getting familiar with the Elsys data acquisition products. All powerful features of TranAX 4 are visible in TranAX LE but some of them are disabled. The table below gives an overview of the differences between the two versions.

Functionality Overview TranAX LE vs. TranAX 4

FeatureTranAX 4TranAX LE
Number of YT-waveforms unlimited 1
Number of cursors unlimited only cursor A & B
Horizontal cursors yes -
Axis description customer specific pre-defined
Number of Y-axis several on the left and right side of the waveform 1 per side
Number of areas per waveform unlimited 4
Number of zoom waveforms unlimited 1
FFT waveforms yes -
XY waveforms yes -
Video synchronization yes -
Number of Scope waveforms unlimited 1
Harmonic analysis table yes -
Scalar functions over 40 functions
  • limited periodic functions
  • Limited power analysis functions
Scalar result marks on the curvesyes -
Measurement and FFT averaging yes -
Recording logs yes -
Snapshot bitmap and vector export only bitmap export
Autosequences yes -
Formula editor over 60 mathematic functions
  • no programming functions
  • no array-functions
  • limited filter functions
  • no autosequences
  • no spectrum functions
  • no trigonometric functions
Formula editor debugger yes -
User manual print and digital version only digital